Two more shows on January 25th-26th



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Striking a Chord with the Younger Generation

Classical music can really bring out the creativity in a couple. Ege Maltepe, an actress from Istanbul, and her husband Emir Gamsizoglu, a Turkish pianist, decided to move to New York City to pursue their artistic aspirations. They credit Gamsizoglu’s constant playing of classical music in their Upper West Side apartment as one of the reasons they created Drama in Beethoven, which they are performing this winter at Caffé Vivaldi in the West Village.

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Two more performances!

ege - emir postcard

In-Yer-Face with Beethoven!

I consider myself a very lucky person,  I often I get to hang out with people like Chopin, Bach, and Rachmaninoff.

Read IN-YER-FACE with BEETHOVEN from Ege Maltepe’s blog!


“Appassionata” from Richter in Carnegie Hall, 1960

Music plants stories, stories grow with music. Get ready to create your own story with Herr Ludwig !


Piano Sonata No. 7, 2nd Movement along with “Revenge” a synopsis by Emir GAMSIZOGLU

Piano Sonata No. 17 The Tempest along with the story of W. Shakespeare’s “Tempest” 

Piano Sonata No. 14 The Moonlight along with “Ludwig & Guicciardi” by Ege Maltepe

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